Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Belmont Bay in order to keep my boat at the marina?

Absolutely not. The marina is, and has always been open to the public.

I currently live on my boat and I’m looking to move to another marina. Do you allow Live-A-Boards?

No, unfortunately we do not.

We have two dogs that go everywhere with us. Do you allow pets at the marina and on the docks?

Yes, we do. Belmont Bay Harbor is Pet-friendly but keep in mind that you must keep your dogs leashed at all times.

Do you have a boat ramp and storage capability for my trailer?

No, to both questions. The reason is that Belmont Bay Marina is located in a residential neighborhood and out of respect to our neighbors, traffic and storage are kept to a minimum.

Do you have haul-out capabilities?

No, but we can recommend a facility close by if needed.

How close to the Potomac River is the marina?

We are at the mouth of the Occoquan River (first marina inside the Occoquan) only minutes from the river.

Does the marina have locking gates?

Yes! The marina has locking gates at each entrance with personal coded key cards issued to each boat owner.

Do you have a service department that can work on my boat?

No we don’t, but we do provide a list of Authorized Contractors who we make sure are licensed and have the proper insurance to work on our docks and your boat.

Do you have fuel?

Yes, we have both Gas and Diesel with ValvTect fuel additive available year round.

Do you have Pump-Out facilities?

Yes. Pump-Outs are free to slip holders and we have two locations both of which are located on our 560ft. long fuel dock.

What size slips do you have available, and are they fixed or floating?

The sizes are: 28’, 30’, 35’, 40’, 45’ and 50’. Our slips are all within floating docks with full-length finger piers made from Brazilian Walnut (IPE) decking.

Do you provide free water and electric service?

We provide free water at each slip. Your electric is individually metered.

I’m looking for a slip for my boat but I also have a Jet-Ski. Do you have any accommodations for them as well?

Yes we do. We have floating Jet-Ski tenders that for a minimal fee you can rent on an annual basis.

Can I leave my boat in the water all year long?

Yes you can leave your boat in all year long. We place bubblers (ice-eaters) throughout the marina, at no extra charge, to prevent ice from forming.

I cruise a lot in my boat. Do you have transient slips available?

Yes we do. All you need to do is to give us a call and make a reservation. It’s that easy.

What credit cards do you take?

We accept Visa, MC, and American Express.

Do you provide free Wi-Fi access?

Yes we do.